Customised NFC Solutions

Silvertag adds convenience to your customer’s buying process. We add another dimension of interactivity between customers and products. Our value proposition lies in the combination of technology with an extensive understanding of business strategy and offline marketing.


By using turnkey NFC technology, Silvertag works with brands to deliver the most memorable digital experiences.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication – that may seem a bit complex, but this technology makes your business’s and your customers’ lives much easier.

NFC allows businesses to deliver customised rich media, send targeted special offers and most importantly, get more purchases – all through customers’ smartphones.

Chip-based systems bring everyday objects into the digital world. Devices don’t even need to touch and there’s no need to set up connections, as NFC transmissions employ electromagnetic radio identification. Meaning infinite business opportunities where creativity and innovation pave the way.

Why silvertag?

Whether you are a small business or a large organisation, Silvertag can develop complete NFC campaigns for your brand – specifically designed to drive customer behaviour that translates into higher conversion rates, more leads and customers.

Silvertag does not just provide you with fully customised NFC products. We offer a comprehensive strategy for your brand that integrates this game-changer technology which adds real value to your customers and business.

Combining offline and digital marketing, Silvertag can give your business the opportunity to interact with customers at every stage of their buying journey.

For us, strategy is the key for your brand to enter the Internet of Things (IoT).  We offer ongoing support at every stage of the campaign process so your business can take all the right steps with NFC technology.

Music industry businesses can make their concert posters sing with a tag that plays snippets of the displayed band songs.

Restaurants and food services can benefit from billboards that showcase their best-seller dishes. A tap by a passer-by on the NFC tag is enough to learn where all ingredients of the meal are sourced, plus, all about the restaurant and where it is located.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

At Silvertag, we value brand’s stories. It’s what makes businesses unique and customers care at a deeper, emotional level which increases brand loyalty.

The strategies we develop are carefully crafted in consultation with you to ensure we highlight your brand personality while reaching your commercial goals.

NFC tags can read data allowing marketing messages be tailored to customers’ buying preferences.

The geolocation and analytics tags provided to brands allow them to adjust their strategy and measure performance in real time.

Mobile marketing is rapidly gaining momentum, so a sound strategy is key for business growth.

Silvertag marketing campaigns lead customers to take your requested action, whether it is:

  • signing up for a newsletter
  • entering a contest
  • liking your Facebook page.



  • generate leads
  • grow your email list
  • get your message through

Custom NFC Products

Silvertag is Australia’s provider of fully customised NFC products and services. We work with you to design and develop products that are to your specifications and visually fit your brand. Custom NFC products provide a smooth symbiosis between online and offline, and can even be integrated into packaging, magazines and used by staff to raise customer satisfaction.

Web and App Development

Go all-in with your customers by providing them with optimal ongoing experiences via mobile and web applications. Stand out from the competition with Silvertag’s app design and development for Android, iPhone and Windows environments. Add authentication, payment and real-time stock features to your app to delight your customers and create an emotional connection with them.

Already have an app?! Silvertag can integrate NFC technology to create a seamless user experience from start to finish.

Direct Marketing Channel

You have direct control over what your customer knows about you. Easily update your customers on latest coupons, specials, loyalty programs, or new products, as you see fit. The power is in your hands.

Retention and Increase Brand Awareness

What is out of sight, is out of mind. Having a custom designed app means that users can get push notifications that remind them of your products and services  – keep them closer than ever!


Cloud Platform for NFC tags management

When you engage Silvertag to develop NFC campaigns, you get access to our Tag Management System. Using cloud-based technology, our platform allows you to create campaigns, set up tags actions and manage your assets remotely.

The Campaign Analytics features enable you to track campaign performance in real-time. This provides you with all the insight you need to optimise your campaigns.

Data Analysis Examples:

  • which tags were tapped
  • number of times were tapped,
  • location and time of the taps..


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